The biggest holiday in the world is upon us and it doesn't hurt to learn how to wrap a gift with elegance. Whether you've already found the gift or you're still looking for it, knowing how to wrap it correctly will get you out of trouble in a matter of minutes. What's more, a good presentation will enhance your gift 🤩.

To start mentioning the steps it is important to first have all the necessary materials to wrap a gift, among them are scissors, wrapping paper, a table with plenty of space, some colored ribbons and other decorations you want to take the gift.

  • We will start by making sure that the gift is inside a box with straight edges, as this will make it easier to wrap it. Then we place the gift face down on the paper, now we cut the paper so that there is enough on the sides to wrap it.


  • Now we put the sides together towards the center making sure that the paper is tight to the gift and then we glue a ribbon to join the sides, here you can use any color ribbon you have.


  • Now you must fold the corners of the sides one by one trying to take the shape of the gift.


  • Proceed to fold the top flap down and fold where it meets the bottom of the box, once you're done with it proceed in the same way with the bottom flap remember to secure it with tape.


  • Finally, you can add a detail on the top of the box, this can be a bow, a card with a dedication, a small flower, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

Now you are ready to wrap your perfect gift 😍and give it to that person who is special to you. Remember to add a dedication at the end to give it the right personal signature.