Undoubtedly one of our biggest fears is to buy a ring online and then we do not fit. Unlike a necklace or a pair of earrings that if when we buy it are a little smaller there would be no major problem because we could continue to use it, on the contrary, if the ring does not fit us if it would spoil.

But this is more common than you think because people do not take into account these 5 steps before buying a ring and if it is online, we should pay more interest to these steps

  1. Let your finger enjoy the ring

The ring should be a delight for our finger, not a torture. It is important that when we try on our other rings to take the measurement as a reference, this ring should have a small space between our skin and the ring.

This space will help not to generate a mark on our finger, so that we do not have more difficulty to take it off and a proper blood circulation. It is important to wear a good ring, but it is more important to take care of our body.


  1. Your fingers have something special

Being unique is not only a matter of personality because our body also has parts that are different. That is why it is important to take into account the shape of our finger, as many are wide at the knuckles and thinner at the base of the finger.

Keep in mind when choosing the right size, otherwise it won't fit on your finger and you'll have to figure out how to return it.


  1. Your fingers change

Has it ever happened to you that when you go to wear a ring that you bought 3 days ago and it was perfect for you, now it doesn't fit anymore? Well, this is because our finger tends to change size several times during the day and many times, we do not take into account this factor.

It is important that before buying a ring online take measurements for several days with a special tape to measure your finger, if you do not have this tape you can use several rings that you have and measure the diameter of each of which you have left and then pass it through this table of measures.


  1. Measure it with a ring you have at home.

Throughout the blog I have been mentioning it, since many times we don't have a special tape to measure our fingers. When we have this little detail, it is important that we use our previous rings and we can take as a reference the ones that best fit us and then pass it through the table that I mentioned in step 3.


Now you know these 4 steps that will help you make a better choice when making an online purchase. Remember that you can visit our latest collection of Puzzle jewelry made by hand and with recycled materials.