How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

You are going to buy new earrings and there is so much variety that you would like to wear them all, however, you have to choose ones that match you perfectly.

Or maybe you just want to buy online because you fell in love with those earrings, but you're afraid that when they arrive and you wear them, they won't match.

To prevent this from happening we have brought for you this blog that will help you to have clearer options when choosing earrings that best suit the shape of your face.

When you have a square or rectangular face

If a hairline runs across your forehead and you have a strong jawline, you probably have a square or rectangular face. For this type of face, it is recommended that you can wear earrings with a simple hoop style.

This will help the shape of the earrings soften your face and give it an aesthetic touch. These earrings can be finished in gold or a polished silver as they will help you look with simplicity and character whether you want to wear them at night or day.

When you have a round face

Stare at yourself in the mirror and if you notice that the width and length of your face are the same, plus your hairline and jawline are subtly rounded. You have a round face.

To look symmetrical when wearing earrings, a great option is the elongated earrings, to give our face an appearance of greater length. In addition, wearing this type of earring will make the gaze go from our face and subtly take it to our neck.

When you have a heart-shaped or inverted triangle face

If your face narrows to a point and your forehead is wider than your jaw then your face is heart-shaped or inverted triangle.

Teardrop, rectangular or triangular earrings play a fundamental role here, as they will give your face a delicate style so that you can look glamorous and elegant.

When you have an oval face

If your face is longer than it is wide and the part of your cheekbones is the widest part, it is very likely that you have an oval face.

For a casual moment it is advisable to wear round earrings, but thanks to this type of face can be combined with most earrings.

Now if you are looking for a more elegant look you can wear triangular or small moon hoop earrings.

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