How to choose the right necklace for different necklines

You've witnessed enough battles between your neckline and necklace that you feel like you need a time out. It's not uncommon for girls to have trouble finding a necklace that will enhance the outfit they're wearing.

It is true that each person can dress as they see fit but it is good to know some principles when dressing to achieve harmony throughout our wardrobe. Here we bring you the best recommendations to combine your neckline with your necklaces...

Round Neck

Undoubtedly this is the best combined with the vast majority of necklaces if you want to wear a casual and fresh look, but without losing the glamour.
Here you can use a necklace that ends at the top edge of the round neck to leave the ornament in contact with the fabric, this ornament can be a polished silver or gold finished design, depending on the color of your outfit.

Boat or Bardot Neck

Wearing a longer chain here will be a delight to the eyes of those who look at you, because of the contrast it gives to the boat neck or bardot.

You can wear a diamond cut chain finished in gold this will give your outfit a touch of subtlety and particular charm.



IF you decide to wear a strapless top now, it's a great opportunity to show off your jewelry because of the space created between your neck and the top you're wearing. You can wear a medium Belcher chain to keep your outfit looking fresh and sparkly.

Another option are necklaces that have a design in the center to preserve the elegance and sensuality that gives you a strapless blouse.

T-shirt with round neck

Thanks to the shape and space that a crew neck t-shirt gives you, your necklaces can do crazy things for you. You can use several necklaces, but of different finishes and sizes to give them freedom of movement and avoid ending up with a vine around your neck.

On the contrary, if you want to look a little more daring and brighter, it's time to bring out the big guns and wear necklaces with big and shiny pieces.



Undoubtedly the blouses or shirts that have a V-shaped cut ends up giving more presence and elegance to ut outfit. To continue taking care of that line of presence we will use necklaces that have that V shape which will adorn the contour of our neckline.

Wearing necklaces that are too big or bib necklaces will make you lose the design of the necklace, but it will also overload our neckline taking away the subtlety and elegance of the V cut.


Halter neck

This type of neck does not leave much room to wear necklaces too voluptuous. With this type of outfit, we can wear thinner necklaces with delicate finishes to avoid overloading our outfit.

Another option would be the necklaces that carry details such as stones in the center of the necklace but are not too flashy, nor are too loaded with decorations to look elegant.

Polo or turtleneck

As in the halter neck high neck polo shirts do not leave space between your neckline and your neck to highlight too much the necklaces. Here without a doubt a simple gold or silver chain would come in handy so as not to take away the freshness of our look.

Another possible option is to combine it with a long necklace and leave the neck and neckline area unloaded, so our necklace will rest on the chest to continue showing off the glamour of our outfit.

I'm sure this post helped you to have a little clearer option when it comes to continue shining when you combine your outfits with your necklaces. To not miss any of our posts and discounts remember to leave us your email and follow us on our social networks so we can help you be the first to take advantage of them.