For NYC native Shari Smith, every piece of jewelry she makes is personal. She doesn’t come from a long line of jewelry makers or gem experts, but at an early age, she learned the power jewelry holds. Pieces encapsulate memories and meaningful life moments. They are passed on and treasured throughout lifetimes.

“When I hear why a client is buying a particular piece and what it represents to them, I am reminded that every piece has intrinsic value,” says Shari, “and that even the smallest of them can mean the world.”

Specializing in marketing, design, and product development, Shari was not only inspired by a love of fine jewelry but a desire to make it more accessible. For the past 14 years, she has immersed herself in all facets of the industry, learning from the best. Concept26, which Shari launched in 2018, is the embodiment of her passion, exceptional eye for design, and long-term mission of creating meaningful pieces meant to last.