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Businesswoman, Philanthropist and VP Brand Partnerships of Marky’s Group, Inc

For many of us the holidays will look very different this year. With the distance between us and our loved ones, travel plans on hold and a global pandemic still looming over us. While major festivities might be on hold and so much uncertainty in the world, we have all come to remember what the true meaning of the holidays is really about. The holidays are about family, friends, creating memories and cozying up around a warm fireplace with holiday inspired blankets and toasting with holiday spirits.

TH: What will the holidays look like for you and your family this year?

DZ: My family and I usually celebrate the holidays the same each year. We all gather at my mom’s home in Miami for Thanksgiving. For many years, my mom would prepare traditional Russian dishes and of course a turkey. As my brother and I got older, we started having my mom prepare more American dishes to go along with our traditional dishes. This year, we will be in New York for Christmas. I mentioned Christmas because while I am Jewish and we celebrate Hannukah, growing up in Russia we would sometimes put up a Christmas tree and decorate it.

TH: Danielle I see that you have an amazing jewelry collection. Would you consider yourself a jewelry enthusiast?

DZ: My dad is actually in the jewelry business (fine watches, fine jewelry), he has boutiques. My mom has amazing jewelry and taught me. As a little girl my mom always said, if any man ever asks you what your birth stone is you say, diamond

"As a little girl my mom always said, if any man ever asks you what your birthstone is you say, diamond"

-Danielle Zaslavskaya

TH: What’s your most special piece of jewelry you have in your collection?

DZ: Vintage small gold diamond Rolex given to me by my mom. Each year my mom does her annual travels and finds amazing pieces. My mom traveled to Thailand one year, purchased fine jade and had a jeweler create large chandelier earrings for me. My mom has immaculate taste.

TH: What piece of jewelry do you never leave home without?

DZ: Cartier love bracelets, and a custom bangle which I stack.

TH: What does jewelry mean you?

DZ: Expression The completion of your outfit. Sometimes you can have the sickest outfit but it’s missing something, so jewelry is that finishing touch.

I couldn’t help but think of what this Former Fashion Executive might effortlessly put together in thinking of being home for the holidays and in true fashionista spirit. Yes, I did say Former Fashion Executive. Danielle’s career journey initially began in the fashion industry. But we must rewind a bit further. Danielle attended Design and Architect Senior High (DASH) in Miami and continued to Parson’s School Of Design, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. She founded her fashion line during her thesis and was hailed as a young designers to watch. Danielle also operated a thriving online destination, Cultism Concept focused on fashion, beauty, and music for over five years and became an authority in the space. Her Journey has also included Creative Director for her own brands and blog, VIP Personal Shopping Stylist before her final stop as Prada Business Manager for Women’s Ready to Wear, Accessories, and Shoes at Bergdorf Goodman. A month before her 30th birthday, it’s fair to say that this powerhouse has had some significant accomplishments. As we continue our conversation, I can’t help but take in all of the inspiration throughout Danielle’s home. Art gallery meets eclectic, chic fashion wardrobe. There’s Something for everyone. From the limited-edition Judith Leiber clutches, KAWS sculptures and must-have coffee table books, this art collector gives all the galleries a run for their money. What caught my eye was the black and white photographs giving major old Hollywood vibes. Art, fashion, and jewelry are fundamentally connected.


TH: You’re very involved in philanthropy; how did you get started?

DZ: From a young age my grandfather would always take my brother and I to his annual turkey drives, so we learned from him. My grandfather migrated from the Ukraine to Miami where he started his caviar business. He would purchase turkeys and donate them along with money to the temple because when he first arrived, he didn’t have a home and the temple would allow him to sleep there. It was always important to him that he gave back to the temple and the less fortunate because they helped him in his time of need. He always remembered where he came from. To this day, he still does his annual turkey drives.

“I specifically enjoy donating to charities for children because they’re still at that impressionable age and with the right guidance and resources, they can have the opportunity to change the direction of their lives and become anything that they dream of.”

-Danielle Zaslavskaya

For the month of December, Concept26 Fine Jewelry X Danielle Zaslavskaya will be donating 20% of proceeds to Covenant House. {Code: COVENANT HOUSE}

“For more than four decades, Covenant House has helped transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway and trafficked young people. We offer housing and support services to young people in need – currently reaching 74,000 youth every year. Coming off the streets, the young people we serve are usually disconnected from their families and other social support – kids who have endured traumatic and adverse childhood experiences. In addition to living on the streets, many have survived abusive homes, spent time in juvenile justice facilities, aged out of foster care or have been victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Our comprehensive program model builds a life-affirming bridge for young people by engaging youth on the street (Street Outreach) providing no-barrier, safe, short-term housing to meet their immediate needs (Immediate Care), and longer-term transitional housing (Rights of Passage) to assist those who are ready for more independent living.” -Covenant House

To learn more about Covenant House and its organization please visit

In keeping with the holiday spirits, we must remember that it’s better to give then receive. If we can brighten the life of one individual, that is one more individual that has a chance at a better life. Children are our future.

With such amazing taste, its only right that we had the honor of collaborating with Danielle on a curated edit of her favorite pieces that were used in the campaign. While we might not be able to have her entire wardrobe, we can however have hand selected pieces. What’s so special about this holiday campaign is that both the Founder of Concept26 Fine Jewelry Shari Smith and Danielle hold a special place in their hearts for charities.

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