About Us

Brand Ethos

We believe in an inclusive fine jewelry experience that celebrates and enhances the distinct beauty and abilities of each wearer. It is only when our designs are placed on the body that they come alive, providing meaningful, soul-connecting luxury, while nourishing and supporting our journeys as evolving women. Alongside our mission to empower and support women of all cultures throughout all stages of their lives, is our deep, ethical commitment to mother nature and to our family of global artisans. This guiding philosophy allows us to offer our treasured clients exclusive designs of the finest quality, crafted under transparent and honorable social and environmental practices.


At Concept26, it’s our mission to empower and support women on their journey to evolving into the woman of their dreams. We are committed to reimaging the jewelry narrative offering women timeless, modern, and soul-connecting pieces that provide them with meaningful luxury to journey with them daily.