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Concept26 founder, Shari Smith, has held a deep and intrinsic relationship with jewelry from a young age as she came to realize the energy the organic elements within each piece possessed and her ability to transform this power into tools for manifesting her innermost desires.

Born in South America, and moving to New York during her childhood, Shari experienced a humble upbringing and her first introduction to a diverse culture—taking note that not all were represented equally. She credits these early years as the foundation that led her to where she is today, along with her strong faith and gratitude for each individual that has contributed to her journey.

For nearly two decades she immersed herself in the world of jewelry, seizing every opportunity to learn all facets of the trade from the best in the industry.Recognizing the lack of women of color represented in the fine jewelry experience, she set out to take the next big step in her life and career.

In 2018, Shari married her knowledge with her passion—launching private label Concept26—and began designing jewelry that represented her belief that all women should experience the synergy between themselves and a piece conceived to both accompany and tell the story of their life journey, while providing the luxury experience to enhance their confidence and accentuate their distinct natural beauty.

Her natural curiosity and spiritual learnings from the past year have led her to continue evolving as a modern, multifaceted woman—rejecting the idea of human limitations and constraining labels—and are the inspiration behind her latest capsule collection.

The Element Collection is comprised of meaningful, organically chic charms designed to aid women in harnessing the power of mother nature to discover the motivation, strength, and courage to always travel forward and live the lives they desire and deserve.

It is Shari’s deepest wish that her creations—past, present, and future—will infuse the souls of each wearer with the virtues vital in enhancing our divine birthright as transformative and powerful beings of manifestation.


Shari Smith

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