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Celebrating Trailblazers: Amber asher and Felita Harris

We are thrilled to share a monumental moment with you as we take pride in showcasing two remarkable women who are redefining the fashion landscape. Adorned in our carefully curated jewelry, these trailblazers are making waves and inspiring change within the industry. Join us in celebrating the CEO of The Standard Hotel and the Co-founder of RasieFashion a non-profit organization that uplifts and supports emerging BIPOC designers.

Amber Ascher, the CEO of The Standard Hotel

Amber Ascher, the CEO of The Standard Hotel, has been a driving force in reshaping luxury hospitality. Her dedication to creating exceptional experiences and fostering innovation has elevated the industry to new heights. Our jewelry has the privilege of reflecting Amber's sophisticated and avant-garde style, embodying her fearless approach to both business and fashion. Each piece resonates with the elegance and audacity that define Amber's leadership journey.

Felita Harris: Empowering BIPOC Designers Through Passion and Purpose

Felita Harris, the Co-founder of a transformative raisefashion organization, is the driving force behind the growth and scaling of BIPOC designers' businesses. Her tireless commitment to inclusivity and empowerment has catalyzed change, creating a more diverse and representative fashion landscape. Our jewelry not only complements Felita's style, but it also encapsulates the spirit of resilience and creativity that defines her mission. Each piece carries a story of empowerment and growth, much like the designers she champions.

Elevating Style, Elevating Impact

These exceptional women not only embody style and elegance but also epitomize the spirit of change-makers. As we celebrate Amber and Felita's incredible journeys, we invite you to explore the jewelry pieces that resonate with their unique personalities and aspirations. Every piece is a testament to the transformative power of passion and purpose, qualities that both Amber and Felita exemplify.

Join us in applauding their remarkable achievements, and let their stories inspire you to embrace your own journey with determination and flair.

Thank you for being a part of our community, where we celebrate not only the beauty of our jewelry but also the strength and courage of those who wear it.